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Social Web Real Estate also offers a selection of articles for sale, that are perfect for a real estate agent or real estate office looking for some fresh new content to add to his or her blog.  Google is looking for lots of great quality content when it comes to indexing sites and ranking them, and the more frequent you update your site with fresh new quality content, the better your site will do in the Google rankings.

All our content is high quality ORIGINAL content (written personally by Jennifer, so you don’t have to worry about plagairsm, something that is a major problem with other content resellers) and we will only sell each article once.  Once you purchase an article, you can be assured it belongs to you alone and it will never be sold again.

The turnaround for all content deliveries is generally 24 hours, but can be much quicker during the day.  Content is delivered via Google Docs (you can simply cut and paste from Google Docs right into your own blog, or save your own copy from there).   For bulk purchases (20+ articles) we can also put it right into your WordPress blog and set it up to publish on a schedule, such as a new article 2-3 times per week.

We currently have the following content for purchase in the following categories.  We also write specific content as per request.

Buying & Selling

  • Tips to win a bidding war
  • Should you remodel your home before selling?
  • Benefits of buying rental properties in college towns
  • Tips when purchasing a vacant house
  • Spotting the next hottest neighborhood
  • What to ask at open houses
  • Should you buy the cheapest house in your dream expensive neighborhood?
  • When is the best time of year to purchase a vacation property?
  • Should you wait for a house price to drop?
  • Quick energy efficient fixes before you sell
  • Can you rent a vacation property during the off-season?
  • Buying a second house to rent
  • How to maximize space in small rooms
  • Why landscaping matters when you sell your home
  • Why property inspection is so important


  • Guide to moving with toddlers in tow


  • Making house viewings less stressful for your pet
  • Best tips for your pet on moving day
  • Why buying a rental property that allows pets is smart


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